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For Rentals From 8-28 to 9-1 Please Call 775-825-1200

When you press "Send" on this document, your personal financial information will be securely encrypted and faxed to Classic Adventures RV where we will use it to process your transaction. We use a Secure Server for collecting personal and credit card information. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypts (scrambles) all of the information you enter before it is sent to us. On our end it is decrypted (unscrambled) and processed by us. All of the customer data we collect is protected against unauthorized access. An email confirmation of the data you provided will be emailed to you and Classic Adventures RV. If you have any problems filling out the form or are uncomfortable transmitting your data via the internet, please see our Privacy Policy or Contact Us and alternate arrangements will be made.

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Would you to purchase bedding and towels for an additional $50?

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All drivers must be 25 years of age and present with valid drivers license at the time of pickup. All renters must provide their own insurance (a binder request form will be provided for you). You can also purchase RV rental insurance through MBA Choice (www.mbachoice.com).


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A $250 down payment is required to reserve the motorhome (all $250 will apply toward your rental charges). All rental charges are paid in advance or on the day of rental. Classic Adventures accepts Cash, Cashiers Checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. The actual credit card in the renters name must be present at departure. Company Checks or Personal Checks are not accepted unless prepaid 15 days in advance. In addition to all rental charges, you will be required to leave a refundable security deposit of $1000. We also will require a signed credit card imprint voucher for ALL rentals.
Your Security Deposit will be refunded within 10 days of return. It will be in the form of a credit to your credit card or via check. You will be sent a final recap form and a copy of your credit.


From the date of your reservation to 30 days prior to your pick-up date, Classic Adventures will refund your down payment less a $75 charge. If you cancel within 30 days of your scheduled departure, do not show up on time for pick up or are unable to comply with our requirements at departure, NO REFUND will be given.


  1. The person named on the RESERVATION APPLICATION must be 25 years of age and is the only person authorized to sign our rental agreement and drive the vehicle off our lot.
  2. Classic Adventures reserves the right to substitute a vehicle of equal or greater value, or refund your $250 down payment due to unavailability of the vehicle.
  3. NO refund will be issued if you return the motorhome prior to your scheduled return date.
  4. The rental vehicle is not permitted into Mexico or Alaska or in areas where communications by phone or cellular phone is not available.
  5. Smoking of any type is prohibited.
  6. Towing of any type is prohibited unless approved prior to pick up.
  7. Generally, all vehicles will be available for pick up only after 1:00 PM and any departure available by 4:00 PM is considered on time.
  8. Vehicles must be returned prior to 11:00 AM
  9. Any additional drivers must have a clean driving record, be at least 25 years old, and be present at the time of departure with their valid driver’s license available.
  10. No Sunday pick-ups
  11. Saturday pickups require a $99 overtime fee


It is important that the person whose name is on the rental application be in our offi ce in person on the day of departure to sign the Rental Agreement.

Make sure you have with you:

  1. Your Valid Drivers License
  2. Your Insurance Binder or proof of purchase from MBAChoice.com (Use Policy #301001-9).
  3. The credit card you provided on the reservation application. We cannot accept a card in someone else’s name nor can we use merely the number you provided on the reservation application. We will require a signed imprint of the card to be left with us. This card must be in the name of the renter.
  4. If you are providing your own Insurance binder and your deductable is more than $1000, the security deposit must match the deductable

We have scheduled your pickup on the date listed on your reservation contract. The vehicle will be available for pick up between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM in the afternoon. PLEASE CALL US THE DAY BEFORE to set a specific time. By scheduling our pick-ups, we can process your rental faster and get you on the road quickly to start enjoying your RV adventure!

Returns are always by 11:00 AM. In order for us to maximize our short season we often book units out the same day. It is necessary for us to have as much time as possible to clean and safety check all rentals. There is a $200 per hour late fee!

All first time renters will be required to watch our Motor home Orientation DVD that will instruct you on the safe and proper operation of our vehicle. You will also be given a walk around of the motor home and time to ask specific questions you have listed while watching the DVD. Be sure to schedule enough time for finalizing paperwork and your personal tour.

Between November 1 and April 1 there is a $50.00 fee to de-winterize and re-winterize your unit. No after hour drop offs allowed between November 1 and April 1 - units must be returned during office hours.

If you plan to drop off the motor home when we are not open, remember you are still responsible for any damage until the unit is pulled into our yard during business hours. Please park in the designated rental return area in the South West corner of the lot next to Kietzke Lane. Please do not pull in and block the driveway areas. You may leave a car here if you like. We will request a key in the case it needs to be moved. You must return the Motor home full of gas (or diesel). The interior must be clean. Interior cleaning will be charged at $125 per hour.




Small Class C’s & Small Class A’s includes settings for 6

Large Class C’s and Large Class A’s include settings for 8

6 Dinner Plates

6 Small Plates

6 Bowls

6 Tumblers

6 Coffee mugs

56 Piece Flatware

Coffee Pot – Stainless Percolator

7 Piece Stainless Cookware

Knife Set and Cutting Board

17 Piece Kitchen set/ spatula, can openers, etc.

Hot pads and kitchen towels.



Our motorhomes are all equipped with awnings. Awning use requires an additional $250 Security Deposit. Awning damage is NOT COVERED by MBA Insurance.


Additional fees may be required and all towing must be approved in advance by management.

BEDDING/TOWELS:(addtitional $50 to rent)

Queen walk around beds are made with fitted sheets and blanket and bedspread.


Corner Beds and bunks, couch and dinette are made with Travasak Sleep Systems…


High quality double-quilted comforter systems with a complete bed liner set (sheets).

These come in Queen size and Single Size.


Pillows, Pillow Cases, Bath Towels



Broom and Dust Pan

Campground Directory

Small bottle of Dish Soap, small General Cleaner, sponge and roll of paper towels.


Toilet is charged with chemical and additional chemical is supplied with a roll of toilet paper.


Bike Racks and 2 Bikes are available on request at no additional charge. For additional bikes, contact us for pricing.


4th of July/High Sierra Music Festival

For the 4th of July Holiday and High Sierra Music Festival there will be a 5 night minimum with no pick-up or returns from 6/29/17-7/2/17. With the high expected demand we'll have support staff at this event for assistance should our equipment have any issues (please note this does not include operator negligence and if so will be charged at our posted shop rate). Because of this service we must impose a 5% increase in total even if you are not attending this event. Furthermore, due to this high demand Holiday we will also be limiting 20 slots per day for pickup. If the day your request to pick-up is full then you must move your reservation to another day with less or an added day charged. Please note all other terms and conditions apply.

Night in the Country

One of our busiest weeks out of the year. There will be a 4 night minimum with no pick-up or returns from 7/28/17-7/30/17. With the high expected demand we'll have support staff at this event for 24 Hour assistance should our equipment have any issues (please note this does not include operator negligence and if so will be charged at our posted shop rate). Because of this service we must impose a 5% increase in total. Due to this high demand festival we will also be limiting 20 slots per day for pickup. If the day your request to pick-up is full then you must move your reservation to another day with less or an added day charged. Please note all other terms and conditions.


Trips less than 5 nights cannot be accepted until 2 weeks prior to departure.

I have read and agree with all of the conditions on this RESERVATION APPLICATION including the PICK UP AND RETURN CONDITIONS and all the information I have given is true and correct. I understand that you will perform a credit investigation on me and my spouse and I hereby authorize you to receive information on my credit from others. The credit card listed above is issued in my name with the billing address the same as listed above. I understand that based on your investigation of my credit you may, at your discretion, require an additional credit deposit. I also authorize you to charge my credit card listed above for the $250 Reservation Application Fee and have read and understand that all or part of that fee may be retained by Classic Adventures in the event of cancellation according to the cancellation policy stated above.